Italian food is one of my favorite cuisine’s and to write a food review on that is something I’ve always wanted to do.
A place not to famous and something I hadn’t heard about, Di Napoli, is located at Nariman Point. As a suggestion from a friend i decided to visited Di Napoli.
Now on a normal occasion, a routine for me before trying a new place is to go check reviews on zomato and burpp.
When I checked out Di Napoli  on both the sites, the reviews were not too up to the mark but nonetheless I went ahead with the place because of the high recommendation of my friend who usually suggests good places.

Few aspects that I would want to mention would be:

Ambiance: Calling itself an authentic Italian place, one would expect that it would be bright, loud and splashed with the colors green, white and red. But on the contrary it was place that was slightly dim and followed a color scheme of just red and grey. But the thing that stood out for me was their music. It was a playlist made up of happy and fast songs which played in the background at a volume low enough for people to have cross table conversations.

Service & Hospitality: Quick and Prompt. Friendly waiters and well aware of the items and its ingredients in the menu card. So definitely extra brownie points for that.

Food and Taste: Three of us went for dinner and ordered around five things.

Drinks & Beverage: Lemon Iced tea @ Rs. 80
Comment: When it comes to Iced Tea, one usually can not get it wrong other than the little things like the sugar syrup and lime proportions. One very important thing for me is that there should be proper proportion of ice in the iced tea which they got bang on.

Starters: Scamorza Crochetta @ Rs. 275
What is it?
Fried potato croquet’s with Italian smoked mozzarella and the in house dip.
Comment:  For me, the fate of the food is decided by the starter. If a restaurant manages to get the starter right, its a green signal for me. Though croquet’s are something traditional, they twisted it by combining it with the dip. Also what the dish aced was the crispiness of the croquet.

Main Course: Fettuccini Alla funghi @Rs. 295
What is it?
Mildly spiced Fettuccini with shitake button mushrooms and Parmesan filling
Comment: Taste was brilliant with the right proportion of mushroom, herbs and oil. Now shitake mushroom is something one doesn’t usually prefer from the different variety of mushrooms that we have but this dish definitely took me by surprise. Sliced to perfection, the flavor of the mushrooms definitely overpowered the other and left with me a feeling of happiness. 

One more of their specialty in the main course was under the non vegetarian section was the Margherita prosciutto. It is a pizza which is made from imported prosciutto di patma , San marzano tomato Sauce, arugula fresh mozzarella and parmesan. Being a vegetarian I obviously could no try it but thankfully my two friends helped me with this aspect. Priced at Rs. 685, it was a tad bit expensive but was filling for two boys. So yeah, brownie points for that. With respect to the taste, re-quoting my friends, “It could have been slightly better”.

The Best part of the dinner and the thing that blew me away was their in house dessert,  A Nutella Pizza!
Yes, you read it right. A pizza filled with Nutella in the crust and on the top, baked well enough for the Nutella to set in way that melted in the mouth.
Delicious and Sinful were the first two words that kept going around in  head once we finished having the Nutella Pizza.
The only down side to this was that it came with a large cost attached (@ Rs 795).


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